To know is to understand.

At the ripe old age of twenty-one (so old right? 😛 ) I stand with little to no real accomplishments.

I’ve battled demons as long as I can remember, though they seem to grow as I do which means it’s often a standstill. A vicious cycle really.

Despite the many faults I see within myself I have graced this earth with the gift that is my little one. She’s one of the sweetest children I’ve ever met. With manners better than most adults – and an attitude to match that of any sass master – she leaves me speechless on regular occasions.

I have less than a handful of friends, though the group may be small, they are mighty! They support me in my endeavours and challenge me to see the light the inner struggles try to thwart. These are the kinds of people you need in your life.

I have many dreams for my future, though sometimes I struggle to picture myself having one. I’m a fighter and I choose to stand by that.

My life revolves around trying to find the words to write, the inspiration to draw, the motivation to clean and the strength to be the best role model for my Tiny Tiddler. (No error there, that’s an actual thing I refer to her as)

The point of this ‘ere blog is to share with those around me the fact that no matter the challenge, with the right support you can be your own Queen/King!

So prepare for butt kicking bad assery which may sadly be accompanied by me getting knocked on my own behind.

Yours truly, WamblingWabbit. ❤